Inspiring details from an interior stylist / photographer's home

Hey guys! It's Holly Marder here from Avenue Lifestyle, sending some inspiration to you from my home in Delft, the Netherlands. You have already seen my bedroom, which was featured here on My Scandinavian Home a while back, and while it remains my favourite room in the house for it's tranquil qualities and calming palette, I thought I'd stop by to share with you some snippets of my home I captured recently highlighting some of my favourite bits. I must be honest, we have been slowly renovating and decorating our home for just over two years now, and I get a little crazy thinking about all that I still want to do! I see a mental to-do list as long as my arm the minute I step inside, and sometimes forget to enjoy the lovely things we have done that do inspire me every day. Do you do that too?


Our kitchen is almost finished but some of my favourite details include my gorgeous wooden beaded pendant lamps by Australian designer Marz Designs made from walnut and oak (they were the first thing we bought for the house and remain a total favourite), marble countertops, brass display rails by Schoolhouse Electric and custom oak cabinetry by Koak Design (who designed this kitchen which I couldn’t stop thinking about).


My little vintage trolley, which I recently painted black, is also a new favourite. You can read more about it’s transformation HERE. Still love it so much and the difference it makes to our home, though a small addition. Sometimes we forget to celebrate the little things, don’t we?


This little wooden bench above in my living room is a new piece I recently bought for myself at The Fine Store by Japanese brand Karimoku New Standard, a little gift for my home after using it to style this bedroom for a client project recently. I love it simply styled in this little nook in the living room with piles of my favourite books and magazines all over it. So simple but inspiring none the less and so textural with the vintage Beni Ourain rug I brought back from my trip to Marrakech last year (find a similar one here).

I am a huge collector of art, mainly vintage pieces I adore hunting for, and I have created a gallery wall above our sofa. Vintage mixed in with modern pieces (in this image, the 'Eye Eye' poster from Fine Little Day and a print from Eeli-Ethel Polli) make me smile each and every day.

I hope this post inspired you to look more closely at thew details of your home which bring you joy and inspiration each day, to stop and enjoy them for what they are.

PS See a tour of my studio here.

PPS Niki will be back tomorrow with a truly inspiring home tour. Have a lovely day!
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