A dreamy cottage (to rent!) in South East England

Do you have any plans for Easter? We've just booked to go to London for the weekend to visit my parents and sister, so excited! This time last year we were in t-shirts (yes, I know this is perfectly normal for some of you (lucky people!), but for us that was kind of a big deal!). But when the sun shines there's no place I'd rather be. If you're tempted to try your luck with the British weather, how about staying at The White Cabin in the ancient village of Winchelsea in East Sussex, South East England? I'm loving the bright, open A-frame ceiling and rustic / industrial touches. Such a perfect base for long walks, pub lunches and paddles at Winchelsea beach? And if the rain comes down, you've the perfect excuse to stay indoors too!

The White Cabin, Big Cottage Company. Found via Style Files with thanks.

Lovely! I think my favourite touch is the reclaimed kitchen cabinet doors. The look reminds me of one of the Hudson Farmhouse in my book. The interior decorator had bought a disused barn and used some of the wood to create cladding and handmade furniture for the house. So fab!

How about you?

Get the look: source industrial pendant lights here, Black scissor wall light. Try your local flee market for a decorator's ladder. Buy linen by the yard.

I've featured several homes like this in the past. If this is your kind of style you might just want to take a tour of a white home packed with antiques and a beautiful cottage by the sea (also available for rent). Or to make a morning of it - how about my 'summer cottage' and 'swedish cottage' archives?!

I've got a bit of a busy day ahead, but before I rush off  I wanted to leave you with this short video clip - *smile*.

Have a lovely day! 
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