The winner of a signed copy of my book - Modern Pastoral

Thank you so much to everyone who entered the give-away to win a signed copy of my book, Modern Pastoral (published by CICO Books) . I absolutely loved reading all your comments and kind words. I'm happy to announce the winner as.....

Picture from the book Modern Pastoral. Photo: James Gardiner. Stylist: Niki Brantmark. Published by CICO Books.

......Kim den Hartog - I hope this book inspires you!

I wish I could have let everyone win a copy.  However, if you're interested Modern Pastoral is available to buy online in many places including my bookstore and Amazon. I really hope you enjoy it!

This lovely picture is of the wrap-around porch at the Hudson Farmhouse. I remember sitting on that very wicker chair enjoying an early morning coffee looking out over the undulating hills - so peaceful!

PS Thank you so much to Jeska at Lobster & Swan who has written a lovely review of my book here.
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