Johanne's lovely Aalborg apartment in monochrome

Hi, I'm Johanne from Scandinavian Love Song and I'm really happy to be writing a guest post here on My Scandinavian Home blog while Niki is on holiday. I recently quit my job as a communication worker at a fancy art museum to pursue my dream of becoming an interior stylist - a bit daunting, but also very exciting! For the past 2,5 years, my husband and I have lived in this three room apartment in the Danish city, Aalborg. When we bought the apartment, it definitely needed a lot of TLC, so we have practically renovated every single part of the place and are very happy with the result. Niki has previously been so kind to show pictures of our home here on the blog (see right here), but since my husband and I will be moving to another Danish city in a couple of months, I take every opportunity I can to share more pictures of the apartment as I'm truly going to miss it. I have especially come to love our combined kitchen/dining/living room/workspace and we spend most of our time here. I will let the pictures speak for themselves, but if you have any questions, I will make sure to answer them in the comment field :-) 

Thanks again, Niki, and enjoy your vacation! 


PS Niki will be back again tomorrow with a fab home tour, so don't forget to stop by!
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