Beautiful nude and white shades in Finland

Hello! It's lovely and sunny here which makes a huge difference to the short, dark winter days. It's called for a slow coffee morning browsing Asun (all in the name of work of course. Eh hem). For those of you who aren't familiar with the stunning Finnish specialist interior decoration magazine think atmospheric spaces, design, decoration and architecture. I especially love these rooms beautifully styled in nudes and white. So lovely don't you think?

Credits -
Pictures 1 - 4: Stylist: Minna Jones Photography: Pauliina Salonen
Pictures 5 - 8: Stylist: Anna Pirkola Photography: Katri Kapanen

Nudes and white have to be one of my favourite colour schemes. It makes me feel spring it just around the corner too!  Could you imagine this combination in your home?

Check out more stunning spaces decorated with shades of nude here.

I am a huge fan of Minna's work and have featured her Finnish summer cottage many times on My Scandinavian Home including here, here and here. Anna Pirkola also has a stunning home - you can take a peek here.

Have a lovely day!
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