An elegant Swedish apartment in shades of grey

Hello! It's one of those rare winter mornings when the sun is shining and there's frost clinging to the branches of the trees - so pretty! I'm going to go for a walk along the beach shortly (well wrapped up  of course! Brrrrr!). But first, I'm keen to share this elegant apartment that's currently for sale through Entrance in Gothenburg. This apartment has the works - high ceilings, lovely arched windows, original wood floors, and even a small balcony. And of course it's been beautifully staged with shades of grey and luscious green plants throughout. Could you love here?

Did you spot the rare sight of a TV on here? Always good for inspiration! Remember this home where the TV was ingeniously hidden when not in use?

I also spot some pretty fairylights on the balcony - I was at a friends house the other day and she had hung some up over their breakfast nook - I don't think I'll ever tire of the pretty twinkle - perhaps it's time to dig out mine again?

Does anyone know where the fab glass pendant light is from?

Other links I love today:

How fab is this boho Paris apartment kitchen (the windows!).

I'd love my hallway to look like this.  This rustic bench is extremely similar (only ships to US - guh!). But the rest of us could try this one by Love Warriors - perfect!

15 pianos that suit their spaces (I need to get my girls on the case with piano lessons....). Do you have a piano at home?

Looking for lunch or supper inspiration today? Give me anything with boiled eggs, asparagus and bacon and I'm in. Maybe throw in an avacado too? Photographer James Gardiner who I worked with on my book says when it's his turn to buy lunch on a shoot he includes avacado as it's always a winner with the girls - so funny!  Do you agree? Looking through my Pinterest food board I might have a small obsession....

Have a lovely day!
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