A breath-taking apartment in Palermo

This home in the city of Palermo, Sicily occupies the first floor of a 16th century 'palazzo' (I know, right?!). It belongs to the owners of Leftover - a shop selling bespoke furniture made from recycled materials. The space has been kept pared-back with a blend of vintage, handcrafted pieces and industrial touches which look fabulous against the dramatic Italian reniassance backdrop. What a truly magnificent space. Let's take a tour...

Photographer: Beppe Brancato. Found via Dust Jacket with thanks.

Oh how I'd love to live here, imagine putting your own stamp on a place like this?

So keen to hear your thoughts! 

Sadly we can't all live in a 16th century Italian palazzo (although i speak for myself), but we can still take inspiration from the decor at least! This is a great source for vintage school chairs (check the height to ensure it's not too low!), the table is by Leftover as are several other items.  Choose from a selection of vintage measuring sticks, mirrors, industrial floor lamps and suitcases on Etsy. Try ebay or your local auction house for a beautiful leather chesterfield like the one shown.

If you're after a little more Italian inspiration today this loft with mid-century pieces is fabulous!

Have a lovely day!
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