The Danish home of a ceramicist

I'm a big fan of Anne Black's beautiful ceramics (these hanging planters are a permanent fixture in my home). I was therefore soooo excited when I discovered pictures of her Copenhagen apartment ready for Christmas (shot by Birgitta Drejer). Anne's home is a lovely mix of mid-century finds, linens and of course - her signature ceramics against a backdrop of white. Let's take a tour....

Birgitta Drejer - Sisters Agency. Shared with kind permission.

I love the first picture of Anne baking with her daughter - so lovely! Making St Lucia buns and 'pepparkaka' or gingerbread biscuits with my girls is one of my favourite things about Christmas. There's never much leftover from the ingredients though - I'm not sure where it all goes....strange?!

What do you enjoy making at home?

Anne Black's ceramics are available here.

I mentioned earlier in the week that I have some exciting news and I'm finally able to reveal it tomorrow, so pop back if you have the time...

I hope you have a wonderful end to your week! 
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