The dreamy home of Sara Medina Lind

Happy lillördag (or 'little Saturday'), definitely calls for one of these this evening - nothing complicated! Fancy joining me?! I once showed the home of half Swedish half Canarian photographer Sara Medina Lind here. And excitingly, today I stumbled on a treasure trove of more stunning pictures (including the last four images styled by Pella Hedeby for IKEA). Safe to say Sara's home is an exercise in restraint - decorated in fresh whites (save for the new dark grey bedroom wall), she's allowed only the most beautiful of details to enter the four walls. The result is positively dreamy. Let's take a tour...

All photography: Sara Medina Lind. Last four images styled by Pella Hedeby for IKEA and found here.

*sigh* - such a beautiful home - could you imagine living here?

A quick guide on where items are from: sofa (in Blekinge white), chaise lounges, RANARP wall lamp, black work lamp, these vintage artist paint brushes are similar as is this lovely vintage industrial style lamp. Dark grey linen bedding.

Try Farrow & Ball 'Railings' for a similar dark grey paint colour. 

I know I don't even need to ask but you can see more pics of Sara's home and her photography work if you'd like over on her blog or instagram. Oh yes!

Other links I'm loving today:

Imagine hanging out at this Norwegian 'hytte' for a week or two? 

How about these hues for a simply beautiful palette?

I've been looking for a set of champagne coupes (like the one shown in the link at the beginning of this post) for I don't know how long - it seems like this spot on Etsy is just the place (love this vintage set from the fifties).

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