NYC Pols to Bridge Climbers: 'You Wanna Climb? Then You'll Do Time.'

State Sen. Daniel Squadron, Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams and Assemblymember Joe Lentol held a press conference on a freezing cold Brooklyn Heights Promenade Tuesday morning to announce they're seeking to pass a bill that would slam bridge or infrastructure-climbing tourists in jail for up to a year if they're caught.

An almost-rhyming BP Adams said, “If you come to New York and walk on the walkway, you will have a great vacation. But if you trespass on the structure, you’re going to have a longer incarceration."

The trio brought up some good points: It's costing the city a hell of a lot of money to guard the bridges now; it's tying up anti-terror resources, and climbers could fall and break their heads.

So watch out, you European daredevil tourists!

More at Brooklyn Eagle.

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